Phono's PV module Passes UL Type 1 Fireproof Certification

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In recent years, as the quantity and scale of solar photovoltaic power stations increase rapidly, fire disasters caused by fire catching of the components have occurred frequently. Serious spontaneous combustion accidents of solar modules, especially those of rooftop photovoltaic power stations, occurred in Germany, America, Australia etc., endangering property and personal safety. Photovoltaic hot spot phenomenon, component quality problems and defects of system design are the major causes of fire disasters of PV power stations. At present almost every country has proposed higher fireproof requirements for related components of PV power stations. Thus, photovoltaic modules with higher fireproof standards have become important guarantees for healthy development of the photovoltaic industry.

Photovoltaic modules of Phono Solar of SUMEC, the world’s leading new-energy overall solution supplier, have successfully passed Intertek’s latest fireproof test of UL1703 standards (Intertek is a world leading quality and safety service institution) and achieved UL Type 1 Fireproof Certification. This indicates that Phono Solar has become one of the few photovoltaic module manufacturers in the world that have obtained this certification. The latest UL1703 fireproof test standard, in addition to increased component fireproof requirements, also imposes new fireproof requirements on rack systems and overall roof photovoltaic systems. Obtaining the Type 1 Fireproof Certificate indicates that photovoltaic modules of Phono Solar of SUMEC match the rack systems of any brand meeting the latest UL1703 standards and equipped with Class A fireproof components. Installation contractors may select the combination of “components + rack system” with the best cost performance according to actual engineering demands, in order to make the whole photovoltaic system meet Class A fireproof requirements while meeting economic profit hurdle.

It is known that all photovoltaic modules sold in America must meet fireproof test standards specified in the latest UL1703 Standard after January 1, 2016, and California will be the first to execute this standard in 2015. Fireproof grade of all photovoltaic systems must be Class A, and components passing Type 1 certification are necessary conditions to guarantee that the whole photovoltaic system meets Class A.

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