SUMEC won "Top 10 Steel Distribution Enterprises" award

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It is learned from the 2014 annual conference of that, out of its tens of thousands of peers in China, SUMEC International Technology Co., Ltd. of the SUMEC Group stood out and won the "Top 10 Steel Distribution Enterprises" award.

As an influential media in China’s steel industry, has been conducting the annual poll of "Top 10 enterprises in steel industry chain" since 2009. Extensively attended and supported by all walks of life, the poll has made great social influence and has been commonly recognized in the industry for its impartiality, independence and public welfare nature. According to the poll, four awards are given out, namely, "Top 10 Steel Manufacturing Enterprises," "Top 10 Steel Distribution Enterprises," "Top 10 Steel Pipe Manufacturing Enterprises" and "Top 10 Steel Service (Logistics, E-business) Enterprises." The selection is made on the basis of both online voting and experts’ assessment.

Since 2014, as China's economy entered the "New Normal" state, the combined factors of weak market demand, overcapacity, industry restructuring and credit crunch have posed huge challenges to steel industry’s operations. Faced with the grim and complicated situation of steel distribution, SUMEC International Technology Co., Ltd. has successfully stabilized its steel trading business with high sales volume by overcoming difficulties, constantly optimizing its business model and working even harder on market expanding and channel building. By October of this year, the company has achieved domestic steel sales of 13.1 billion yuan, 4.87 million tons and overseas sales of 490 million dollars, 930 thousand tons.

For many years, guided by the development strategy of building a "material bank" and based on China’s regional strategic layout of "one bay, two deltas, three regions" (around-Bohai Bay, the Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta, Southeast region, Southwest region and South Central region), SUMEC International Technology Co., Ltd. adheres to its core values of "trustworthiness, cooperation, innovation and development", constantly promotes its internationalization strategy , and dedicates itself to providing domestic and overseas customers with" four-in-one" business solutions integrating "resource supply, business consulting, financial support and logistics services". So far, the company has become one of China’s largest enterprises in mechanical and electrical equipment import and bulk commodity trading services.

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