SUMEC Textile Export to the EU Tops the List

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According to the latest statistics of General Administration of Customs and China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Textile and Apparel (CCCT), from January to September of this year, the textile company of SUMEC Group Corporation (SUMEC) successively tops the list of China’s textile exporters to the EU market, while at the same time it has also consolidated its 4th place in the export to the US market. Besides, based on the statistics for single and category product, the company’s global blanket export and its chemical fiber garments export to the EU both rank second in the country. On the top 100 list of China’s more than 80,000 textile and garment export enterprises, SUMEC textile company advanced to the 11th place (as compared to the 16th place of the same time last year), a new record high.

Against the background of overall downturn for global economy, the feeble recovery of traditional markets, the still weak demand of emerging markets, as well as the ever-rising domestic labor costs all result in rapid drainage of Orders from China to Southeast Asia, which made a huge impact on China’s labor-intensive industries, particularly the textile and garment industry. It has become an industry consensus that China"s foreign trade industry has begun to enter the "New Normal State" of medium-speed growth. The situation looks increasingly grim.
Faced with the many irreversible challenges in the "New Normal State", SUMEC textile company adheres to the strategic management paradigm that "direction is more important than effort", holds firmly to the excellent cultural concept that "challenge is opportunity, pressure is the driving force; never seek excuses for difficulties but ways to success", sticks to the idea of development through continuous innovation, and strives vigorously to build a new social ecology with "small front end, big platform" as its core characteristic. "Small front end" means deploying business groups as frontline combat units for independent accounting, taking the group leader as frontline CEO who can directly call for fire support, so as to react quickly to market changes and customer needs; "big platform" refers to the platform of resources and capabilities, on which the company starts from the value chain creation, holds a global perspective, and works hard on capabilities of value increment throughout the whole supply chain. In the upstream of supply chain, the company integrates overseas design resources, improves technological level, and strengthens its fabric research, development and testing. In the midstream of the supply chain, the company enhances its own Industrial lean production level, expands its procurement network in Cambodia, and conducts asset-light integration of its scale manufacturing resources in Myanmar。 In the downstream of supply chain, the company invests in and holds shares of foreign mainstream customers, gets closer to the terminal channels, pilots and explores the construction of global marketing platform, and reinforces the building of self-owned brands. Through the systematic building of resources and capacity, the company has been enabling the "small front end" to gain the firm support of rich resources and capabilities on the "big platform", so as to continuously improve customer satisfaction and create customer value.

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