Liu Shunda Led a Delegation to Visit SUMEC Europe

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Recently, Liu Shunda, Chairman of Supervisory Board for Key Large State-owned Enterprises of the State Council, made a special visit to SUMEC Europe in Willich, with his delegation during his visit to Germany.

Mr. Menken, General Manager of SUMEC Europe received Chairman Liu and his delegation. After the visit to the self-designed and self-produced latest garden power tools and energy storing sets specially for German families, General Manager Menken introduced the basic information about SUMEC Europe and made a detailed report on the market exploration, product sales, European market condition, subsequent product line, and future market objectives.

During the report, Chairman Liu carefully listened to the management concept of "Face the terminal, Control the market" and "Good services for customers' customers" adhered by SUMEC Europe since its establishment in 2010, and the company's innovation practices and achievements including transformation from a product sales service provider to a system solution provider, extension from the common channel operation to market terminal, localization of market survey, technology research and development, warehouse logistics, and after-sales service, and systemic value creation. 

Chairman Liu highly appreciated SUMEC Europe's innovation practices including facing the terminal, controlling the market, and focusing on the promotion and development of the self-owned brand, and SUMEC's strategies of accelerating the pace of "going global", taking full advantage of domestic and overseas markets and resources in these two markets, further integrating into the world economic development and global resource allocation optimization, accelerating the internationalization of the market, organization, brand, talent, capital, and culture. Chairman Liu pointed out that accelerating the pace of "going global" and establishing a multinational corporation with global competitiveness is the pragmatic approach for SUMEC to be a larger and stronger first-class enterprise. At one stage, SUMEC's internationalization process speeds up and the overseas market and industry distribution are continuously optimized. SUMEC plays a larger functional role in the market demand exploration, marketing channel integration, customer structure optimization, brand promotion, and after-sales service, accelerates the transformation from multinational trade to multinational operation, setting up a valuable model for smoothly going global of many Chinese enterprises. Chairman Liu hoped that SUMEC should depend on the strategy of "being an international and diversified modern industry service group", take full advantage of the capability and resources accumulated during 30-year's global market operation, accelerate improving the global industry distribution, focus on exploring a scientific and efficient multinational organization management and control mode, and strive to build SUMEC a multinational corporation with global competitiveness. 

After the meeting, Chairman Liu and his delegation also visited the municipal government of Willich, and made a talk with Josef Heyes, mayor of Willich, and Chritian Hehnen from the Economy Promotion Department, in Neersen Palace. The major local media Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung made aspecial report on Chairman Liu's visit. 

Related information: SUMEC Europe was established in 2010 and is located in Willich, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. Main business scope: market promotion, sales, consultation, and service about garden power tools and new energy products.

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