SUMEC Japan established to expand new energy business

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On September 19th, the establishment ceremony of SUMEC Japan was held in Tokyo. Liu Yajun, Chinese economic and business minister to Japan, attended the ceremony and made a speech.SUMEC President Cai Jibo, accompanied by relevant persons in charge of the energy business of SUMEC, attended the ceremony and delivered a speech.

In the opening address, Liu Yajun said that SUMEC, as a core member of the global top 500 enterprise SINOMACH, has achieved superior results in multiple solar energy markets. The establishment of SUMEC Japan marks a steady step taken to provide stable and highly-efficient new energy products and solutions to the Japanese market, and further practices the "going global" strategy of state-owned enterprises. Chinese embassy and consulate in Japan will provide SUMEC Japan with support and services for business operations.

In the speech and media interview, President Cai Jibo said that the establishment of SUMEC Japan aims at entering the Japanese market more comprehensively, promoting intensive business operation, listening to customers opinions to understand their demands, and distributing core resources of SUMEC to Japanese market preferentially. It marks the comprehensive startup of the new energy strategy of SUMEC in Japanese market, and also marks a new stage of SUMEC’s globalization.

As a major country using photovoltaic energy, Japan currently has attractive solar energy incentive policies, low interest rate, and high national environmental awareness. All these factors jointly promote the rapid development of Japanese photovoltaic energy market. Particularly, with rising trade barriers in the European and American markets, the strong growth in the Japanese market gives confidence to the whole photovoltaic energy industry.For some time, SUMEC new energy business team has outlined and started a series of business plans for the renewable energy market in Japan, including the sales and services of solar energy equipment and EPC services. Replying on the global and local photovoltaic roof projects and large ground photovoltaic power stations, SUMEC has provided high-quality power station services to a batch of Japanese customers.

On the establishment ceremony, SUMEC and Shanghai Electric Power Co., Ltd. Japanese Branch of China Power Investment Corporation signed a contract on supplying 20MW PV modules.

After the establishment ceremony, Cheng Yonghua, Chinese ambassador extraordinary and plenipotentiary to Japan, met with President Cai Jibo and his colleagues and expressed congratulations to the establishment of SUMEC Japan.

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