SUMEC Starts Industry Internationalization

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Recently, SUMEC and Lat War Group came to a cooperation agreement on establishing Myanmar Win-Win Garment Co., Ltd. with joint investments in the HLAING THAR YAR industrial zone. Yang Yongqing, Vice Chairman of SUMEC and Chairman of SUMEC Textile & Light Industry Co., Ltd. and his team attended the signing ceremony and signed the cooperation documents.


Deepening internationalized management and accelerating the pace of "going global" are the practical ways and core strategies used by SUMEC to become a multinational corporation with global competitiveness. Facing the general situation of pattern adjustment of the world's manufacturing industry, SUMEC focuses on promoting internationalized industrial deployment. SUMEC strives to transfer part of its low value-added labor intensive segments  to countries and regions where the low factor costs are more favorable for SUMEC to implement production without borders, change itself to OEM exporter from OEM importer, turn into an "organizer" of the industry, occupy a favorable position in the new international work division system, and continue to grasp the trade bonus from the new global industry division.

For this purpose, SUMEC investigated Bangladesh, Cambodia, and Myanmar in turn. On the one hand, SUMEC develops the supplier network to implement order transfer; on the other hand, SUMEC actively searches for higher level, larger scale, and longer cooperation and the opportunity for establishing a large-scale industrial park. The establishment of the industrial factory with joint investments of SUMEC and Lat War Group is an important strategy for promoting international industry transfer. Myanmar Win-Win Garment Co., Ltd. is officially settled in the HLAING THAR YAR industrial zone, which indicates that SUMEC makes a substantive progress in industrial chain internationalization.

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