SUMEC President Cai Jibo Visits Greece Accompanying with Premier Li Keqiang

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On June 19 (Greece standard time), Chinese Premier Li Keqiang led a Chinese business delegation to visit Greece. During the visit, Premier Li Keqiang met with multiple Greek politicians and participated in exchange activities. China and Greece signed cooperation agreements on many fields such as infrastructure

construction, marine, and culture, and business contracts with the total value reaching USD 4.8 billion. SUMEC President Cai Jibo travelled with the delegation as a central state-owned enterprise representative. 
Hucheng, Chinese Commerce Minister, Greek Development and Competitiveness Minister, and Greek Maritime Transport Minister, and based on the past successful cooperation, SUMEC President Cai Jibo, on behalf of SUMEC Group, signed a cooperation agreement on the new energy program with the total value of EUR 200 million, with Electricite De France (EDF), an enterprise ranked in Global Fortune 500, which marks further acceleration of SUMEC's global new energy strategy. This cooperation is one of important economic and trade cooperation programs during Chinese Premier Li Keqiang's visit to Greece.

SUMEC President Cai Jibo's travel accompanying with Premier Li Keqiang and the cooperation agreement signing with EDF are of great significance to the global expansion and deployment of SUMEC new energy business and the overall strategic development of SUMEC Group. 

Promoting and deepening the global deployment progress of SUMEC's new energy business. Greece is one of the important new energy markets of SUMEC. Since the global economic crisis, Greece has continuously intensified economic reform. Therefore, the economy in Greece appears reviviscence. Under this background, SUMEC, guided by the fixed development strategy of "developing various new energies and implementing global industry deployment", carried out the operating strategy of "thoroughly developing local markets" in depth, strived to keep communication with the Greek government, customers, and banks, continuously expanded and deepened the customer network system, and yielded positive results. Based on the successful implementation of Greece wind turbine program and the joint venture framework agreement with Greece branch of EDF, this visit further implements package mid-and-long term cooperation programs and plans in Greek market, starts agenda of cooperation between SUMEC and EDF on trade and integration of investment and financing all over the world, and realizes advantage complementing and win-win cooperation. SUMEC will further promote business cooperation with EDF on solar power, wind power, and other renewable energy sources, and will, depending on the mature European market, focus on expanding new energy business to potential markets such as Latin America and Africa to accelerate the deployment, penetration, and implementation of SUMEC's global market of new energy business, and build a global map of the new energy industry.

Innovating and expanding the operating mode and platform for overseas financial resources. During this visit, SUMEC President Cai Jibo, with leaders of relevant Chinese-funded banks and persons in charge of Greek local financial institutions, conducted deep communication on new energy business, especially on topics such as financing mode innovation in the construction of overseas engineering contracting projects and comprehensive prevention of risks, and reached an important consensus, which creates cooperation opportunities and ways. Relevant Chinese-funded banks and Greek local financial institutions proposed that they can provide SUMEC with customized financial solutions and risk prevention system according to special products, services, and business modes of SUMEC's overseas new energy program, comprehensively promoting the expansion and deployment of SUMEC's new energy business all over the world. Meanwhile, they will further innovate the financing mode, enrich financing products and services, focus on providing package financial solutions for SUMEC overseas engineering contracting business, facilitate the implementation of business and programs, and consolidate and promote market competitiveness.

Increasing and expanding global influence of SUMEC Group and the parent company SINOMACH. Through Chinese Premier Li Keqiang's visit to Greece, China and Greece communicate and cooperate in more fields, with broader vision, and at higher levels. As the representative of a central state-owned enterprise, SUMEC President Cai Jibo, during the accompanying visit, introduced the industrial status, performance, achievements, and experience and capabilities in global market exploration and operation of SINOMACH and SUMEC to European countries including Greece, which vigorously promotes strategic resource accumulation and increases the brand influence. Especially during exchange interaction, President Cai actively introduced the industrial structure, service features, core competence, and further development strategies to Chinese and Greek government leaders, bankers, entrepreneurs, and strategic investors, and received positive response and consistent approval. Relevant Chinese and foreign banks and investment institutions all expressed that they value the performance and experience of SINOMACH and SUMEC in market operation in developed countries, and hope to cooperate with SUMEC in the fields such as international market exploration, project co-construction, and investment and financing platform construction to realize innovative development, breakthrough, and joint development. All these create opportunities, widen the road, and build a platform for further promoting strategic market breakthrough, emerging industry development, and global enterprise construction.

As what Premier Li Keqiang said in the speech in Greece "Let us make efforts together with Greece to create cooperation highlights to brighten the future for a period much longer than 5 or 10 years", SUMEC Group will take the opportunity of this visit and cooperation to comprehensively deepen the strategic cooperation with the Greek government departments, EDF, and domestic and overseas financial institutions, accelerate the expansion and operation of new energy business in Greek market, and continuously explore great market and industry potential in Greece and other European countries. SUMEC will never wait to work hard, achieve success, and create better future.

During the visit, Premier Li Keqiang graciously interviewed the accompanying Chinese enterprise delegation and took photos with the delegation members.

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