Young Champion in Winter Olympics

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On February 12, 2014, Swiss obscure Bode Rachkov surpassed Shaun White, American famous sportsman, and won the gold medal in men's half-pipe snowboarding final in Sochi Winter Olympics!

The hard-won championship was not only derived from the rich experience of coach, but also from his "personal bodyguard"——Quiksilver jacket which was also a winner under the attention of the world. This jacket which motivated the success of the young man was produced by SUMEC with its products notion: be creative, be successful.
After 20 years of development, SUMEC Textile & Light Industry Co., Ltd. under SUMEC GROUP has always been innovative and prominent on product type, customer structure, industrial construction and brand building. It has established a stable and lasting cooperative relationship with Quiksilver and many other internationally renowned brands. With the concept of continuous innovation and prominence pursuing, it has constantly produced products with novel design and excellent workmanship.
In several years of cooperation with Quiksilver, SUMEC always abided by its core values of integrity, collaboration, innovation and excellence, and constantly deepened the bilateral strategic cooperative relationship and has gained Quiksilver’s highly recognition. In 2013 SUMEC became the first batch of "inspection-free suppliers" of this brand.
Although the Winter Olympics was over, the product produced by SUMEC and the scene when the champion stood on the highest podium were remembered. This scene was definitely a landmark in the history of "SUMEC manufacture".
We believe that under constant exploration and innovation, more and more brands "produced by SUMEC" or even "created by SUMEC" will appear in international first-rank competitions and grand meetings. In the future more and more young people, like Bode Rachkov will benefit from the creation of SUMEC: constant counterattack, preeminent always.

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