Investment & Financing Platform

We have carried out broad strategic cooperation with numerous financial institutions domestically and internationally by means of good business reputation and operation performance. We have also established competitive financial resource platforms that provide customers with professional, highly efficient and low-cost supply chain finance services and customized financial solutions, including investment and financing and helping customers achieve more and grow further. 

We have initiated and established Jiangsu SUMEC Capital Holding in partnership with seven shareholders, including Jiangsu Agricultural Reclamation Group, Jiangsu Yunshan Capital Management and Sinomach Capital Management Corporation. Jiangsu SUMEC Capital Holding focuses on capital operation and assets management business in sectors including industrial investment, strategic investment and financial investment. A consolidation of industry and finance is promoted upon the basis of the primary favorable works of major shareholders at the same time as core links and core technologies of value chain are arranged and superior middle-and-long term assets are allocated with distribution of strategic emerging industries. Joint growth and benefits sharing are fulfilled in key investment sectors of strategic emerging industries through professional capital operation and assets management including in the realms of power generation by new energy, energy saving and environment protection, modern agriculture, and health care and pension domestically and internationally. This includes Internet +, Made in China 2025, biological medicine and PPP new urbanization, together with shareholders and cooperative partners. 

We have established SUMEC Hong Kong Corporation in Hong Kong, which is operated as a carrier of overseas market operations when we carry out project investment and overseas market expansion. The company is expected to become an investment incubation platform and overseas financing platform for future project operations. 

We can provide clients with: 

• Various customized trade financing plans through trade services, as well as professional financial consultation services such as exchange rate management and financial product applications.
• Financing and lease services for ships, mechanical and electrical equipment, medical instruments, engineering machinery and other applications.
• Financial plans, including structural bridge financing and leveraged long-term financing, and customized “EPC+F(finance)” comprehensive solution for investment and financing.
• Providing enterprises that meet conditions for public listing (including NEEQ) with relevant consultation services, including investment and financing consultation, equity investment and guidance for listing and resources integration.
• Providing enterprises with domestic and overseas demand for merger and acquisition with relevant services, including target sourcing, commercial connections, legal consultation, financial accounting consultation and resources integration after merger and acquisition.