Textiles & Garments

With insights in fashion and insistence in quality, we always provide comfortable and abundant textile and garment products to make your life more colorful. 
Our products include: 
• Various garments
• Household textiles
• ETON KIDDTM international campus wearing
• HONEY METM women's wear
We create a brand new operation model. Through building a complete industrial chain, we integrate innovative design, lean production, brand operation and marketing service to create more value for our customers.
ETON KIDDTM, as a leading campus wearing brand in China, has a marketing network covering 28 provinces (municipalities directly under the central government) and over 1,100 famous middle and primary schools in China. HONEY METM has more than 100 retail stores and becomes a cutting-edge women's wear brand in China. 

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SUMEC Textile & Light Industry Co., Ltd.

+86 25 8969 4800

HONEY METM women's wear
+86 400 997 1088
ETON KIDDTM international campus wearing
+86 400 089 0299

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