SINOMACH Bucks the Trend with Operating Revenue of 232 Billion in 2013

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Faced with a complicated economic environment in 2013, SINOMACH stuck to improving effective growth and took measures, such as firmly developing the market, promoting transformation and modernization, strengthening scientific innovation, enhancing capital operation, improving management, and strictly managing operational risks, to complete operating tasks, achieve operating revenue of CNY232 billion with a year-on-year growth of 8.3%, and improve its comprehensive capability.

In terms of market development, with careful analysis of the market situation and timely adjustment of promotion policies, SINOMACH steadily developed the established market as well as expanded emerging markets, high-end markets, and markets in developed countries. In 2013, SINOMACH achieved a new-contract amount of US$51.4 billion with a year-on-year growth of 5.3% and a turnover amount of US$41.1 billion with a year-on-year growth of 8.3%.

In terms of the international market, CMEC signed a contract for a Serbian power plant project for US$720 million; CAMCE signed a contract for an Ethiopian sugar refinery project for US$650 million; YTO received a tractor order for nearly US$100 million from Ethiopia, which broke a record for export amounts for a single large- or medium-wheeled tractor order in China.

In terms of the national market, AE undertook Volvo factory construction in Chengdu and Daqing for CNY980 million; SINOCONST signed a contract for a project for cement clinker production line and power generation by waste heat recovery in Xinjiang for CNY710 million; SIPPR signed a contract for a project of an industrial park for CNC machining tool parts in Hohhot for CNY410 million. 

In 2013, SINOMACH continued to improve internal communication and used policies such as performance appraisal and market development funds to lead subsidiaries to further strengthen their synergy and implement intensive development, thereby boosting co-development of subsidiaries and improving SINOMACH’s overall competitiveness in the market. In 2013, SINOMACH cooperated with 39 enterprises, and cooperation-related new-contract amounts and turnover amounts were CNY4 billion and CNY 1.66 billion, respectively, indicating the expansion of both the depth and breadth of cooperation.

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