SUMEC 4100DWT2# Successfully Launched

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On October 1, 2013, the second of the 4100DWT series of fueling vessels that SUMEC built for Consort Tankers Pte, Ltd. was launched in Nanjing.

SUMEC developed the 4100DWT model especially for the Singapore market. With double engines and propellers, the 4100DWT model is based on a design by a Japanese company. Among the best in the industry, this model performs exceedingly well in terms of security and operation.

In the second half of 2013, SUMEC, the global shipping development cycle, promoted the trade of finished vessel through marketing network expansion and made great efforts to expand segmented markets for customized vessels, special-purpose work vessels, offshore vessels, etc. During those six months, SUMEC manufactured 5 finished vessels, and signed contracts for a total amount of nearly US$600 million. The breakthrough and transformation in business practices have laid a solid foundation for SUMEC’s development in the coming three years. In the process of innovative development, SUMEC has continuously improved its brand image and position in the industry. Commissioned by the Export-Import Bank of China, SUMEC is providing fund supervision service for its project in RONGSHENG. Also, SUMEC’s suggestion on China’s shipping market development was recognized by the Board of Supervisors for Key Large-Sized State-Owned Enterprises. All this demonstrates SUMEC’s profound experience and good reputation in trade operations and project management.

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