Maritime Engineering

We provide customers with full solutions integrating ship design, building, investment, and financing and are dedicated to introducing ships made in China to the world and realizing marine dreams.
We are specialized in: 
• Ship building
• Financing and investment arrangement
• Fleet operation
• Ship sales and purchases
• Marine equipment and spare parts supply
We are dedicated to building every ship well for the ship owner. Over the past 20 years, we have built more than 200 ships for ship owners from various countries such as Germany, Denmark, Poland, Italy, Netherlands, Greece, Australia, Qatar, South Korea, and Singapore. with ship types involving bulk cargo ship, general cargo ship, container ship, multipurpose ship, roll-on/roll-off ship, self-discharging ship, product oil tanker, crude oil tanker, refueling ship, chemical tanker, maritime engineering support ship, towboat, barge, special-purpose ship, and so on. 
We operate our own fleet and carry out shipping business to satisfy diversified demands of our customers.

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