Clean Energy

We pursue harmonious development of human and environment, integrate technology into the nature, and strive to provide customers with advanced clean energy products and services We aim to share the sunshine with our customers and brighten the future.
Relying on our capabilities of marketing and project developing, core product integration and R&D, quality control and O&M and resource integration, we implement the strategy of developing multiple types of renewable energy simultaneously and of global market layout in overseas market. We provide package solutions including PV products, technologies, EPC, and phased structured financing, thus creating systematic values for our customers; In domestic market, we establish and implement the "three-in-one" business model that integrates core product supply, power station project (system integration), and energy system development, build competitive projects, and boost return on investment.
Our products and engineering business include:
• PV modules, residential and commercial energy storage systems, wind-driven generators;
• Power station development, investment, O&M, and sales;
• Comprehensive energy solution including PV, energy storage, wind power, geothermal power, methane, waste-to-power, diesel power and energy saving products.
Our clean energy prospect: every person develops energy, controls energy, shares energy, and benefits from energy, making innovations to the human life style.

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