V.ETON KIDD international campus wearing brand
Brand concept
Lead the revolution in China's school uniform
Brand overview
ETON KIDD international campus wearing  successfully provides services to more than 1,000 schools across 100 large and medium-sized cities in 26 provinces (municipalities) nationwide. Five international school uniform experience centers were built in Nanjing, Shenyang, Kunming, Guangzhou, and Nanning while more than 20 service centers and retail centers were established in Hangzhou, Shanghai, Wuhan, Nanjing, Karamay, Shenyang, Mianyang and many other cities. It has successfully developed over 20 agents at all levels covering 20 provinces (municipalities).
Based on innovation, ETON KIDD spreads the educational concept of "making temperament better" and promotes excellent education, true values through gradual influence and charity activities in order to bring us a better future. 
Big events in brand promotion
2009:     ETON KIDD was established and listed as the most influential brand by Jiangsu Broadcasting  
2010:     Entered TMall online store and became one of the most popular brands.
              Became designated costume brand for the First Beijing International Film Festival.
2011:     Provided products to more than 300 schools in 20 provinces (municipalities) and was costume          
              provider for Children's Spring Festival Gala of China Central Television.
2012:     Sales volume exceeded RMB100,000,000
2012:     Won the 1st prize of primary school uniform design, 2nd prize of primary school winter wearing, and 3rd  
              prize of middle school sportswear and summer wearing in Shandong Campus Wearing Design          
2013:     Sales volume reached RMB 200,000,000 with business covering nearly 1,000 schools in 26 provinces  
              Reuters released picture news titled ETON KIDD Reforms Campus Wearing in China in Times Square,          
              New York City, highlighting ETON KIDD, a leading campus wearing brand in China.
              ETON KIDD became designated costume brand in the Torch Lighting Ceremony of the 12th National            
              Won gold prize in the 1st National School Logistic Appliances Fair.
 2014:     Eton Kidd ranked among case brands of “School Uniform for Youth” in CCTV News 1 + 1 
              Published the first original picture book of philosophy for children in China together with Aflatoun Educational
              Awarded the most academic card of tourism culture in Nanjing City;
2015:     Eton Kidd, along with other 66 China’s famous brands, was posted in Times Square in New York 
              Eton Kidd achieved the sales volume of RMB6,650,000 on its e-commerce platform during the online shopping 
              festival held on November 11, with a year-on-year growth of 85%;
2016:     Formally signed the strategic cooperation agreement with Trutex, the No. 1 school uniform brand in Britain, in 
              Nanjing, China 

2010: Designated costume brand for the 1st Beijing International Film Festival

2013: Special report released by Reuters in New York`s Times Square

Provided uniforms for the lighting ceremony at the opening ceremony of the 12th Chinese National Games

2013: Designed and provided school uniforms for the Chinese drama Shining Days

2013: Won gold prize in the 1st National School Logistic Appliances Fair

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