CLEAN FORCE Outdoor Equipment and Cleaning Machines
Brand concept
Creativity, durability, powerfulness
Brand overview 
Cleanforce aims to become the world leading brand in outdoor equipment and cleaning machines.
It provides customers with innovative, durable, and powerful products of high quality and promotes together with them a complete series of DIY cleaning machines. 
In 2012, Cleanforce won the best innovation award by Home Improvement Executive Magazine for cleaning machine. In 2013, Cleanforce cleaning machines ranked the first in the US market in market share.
Big events in brand promotion
2010:     Cleanforce brand was registered in the U.S.
              Cleanforce high-pressure washers successfully entered the U.S. market through a strategic cooperation
              agreement signed with the Home Depot. The first batch of machines were available in 800 HD stores
              with the best sales performance, which marked the launch of cleanforce brand.
2011:     Cleanforce brand counters were set up in 2400 retail stores of The Home Depot.
2012:     In the annual new product promotion show of the Home Depot in June, Cleanforce cleaning machines  
              were specially introduced to managers of the U.S. stores. Annual new product roadshow with user          
              experience area was held in November , which received good market response.
2012:     Cleanforce products won the 2012 annual innovation gold award in North America in the ranking  
              released by the Home Improvement Executive magazine
2013:     Cleanforce started E-commerce and began online direct sales on Amazon.
Brand development history
2000:     SUMEC Hardware and Tools Co., Ltd. became one of the first state-owned companies to engage in      
              cleaning machine industry. 
2008:     Annual production capacity of cleaning machines reached 300,000 units.
2010:     Cleanforce brand was successfully registered in the U.S.
2011:     Annual production capacity was expanded from 300,000 units to 800,000 units and Cleanforce became  
              the major domestic cleaning machine manufacturer.
2011:     Cleanforce cleaning machines successfully enteredthe Home Depot, the largest furniture and  
              construction material retailer in the world.
2012-2013:      Cleanforce cleaning machines achieved annual sales exceeding 600,000 units in 2,400 stores in  
                        the U.S. and Canada in 2 consecutive years and became top 3 exporter in China cleaning machine  
Brand honors
Cleanforce products won 2012 annual innovation gold award in North America in the ranking released by Home Improvement Executivemagazine.

2011: Cleanforce exclusive counters were established in 2400 retails stores of The Home Depot

Cleanforce cleaning machine sold in The Home Depot

2012: Yearly Road Show organized by The Home Depot

2012–2013: Annual sales of over 600,000 units for two consecutive years in The Home Depot in North America

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