FIRMAN Generating Set


Bran concept:

Stable, efficient, clean

Brand introduction

FIRMAN, a generating set brand affiliated to SUMEC, has been registered in 91 countries and regions with products being widely applied in daily life, industrial manufacturing, communications, medical treatment, finance, energy, construction, and many other fields; moreover, the products and services are provided to more than 100 countries and regions in the world. FIRMAN is dedicated to providing customized stable, efficient and clean power supply solutions, so as to ensure power supply stability, energy consumption reducing, operation and maintenance cost saving of the customers as well as stable operation of main businesses. With export having ranked the first in China for successively six years, FIRMAN small-size gasoline generating set occupies a rather high market share in Southeast Asia and Africa; wherein, market share in core marketing area has exceeded 30%; moreover, the brand image enjoys popular support from local users.

Brand events

•2001:     The brand FIRMAN was officially founded. 
•2007:     Export of FIRMAN small-type gasoline generating set ranked the first in China.
•2010:     FIRMAN firstly implemented exclusive agency or oligarchy distribution system and successively              
                established long-term strategic cooperation relationship with some world-top distributors in  
                generating set industry.
•2011:     The first 10 million FRIMAN gasoline generating sets were produced.
•2012:     Export of FIRMAN small-type gasoline generating sets exceeded $100 million.
                Invested more than millions of US dollars for outdoor advertisements in the global market.
                FIRMAN products are recommended by PUNCH, the most authoritative business journal in Nigeria.
                FIRMAN Participated in Lagos International Trade Fair, the most important fair in Africa, as a  
                mainstream brand manufacturer. 
•2013:     FIRMAN standardized store and SHOWROOM in key areas aiming at terminal market, are founded.
                FIRMAN product broke MURI record, known as Guinness Record of Indonesian, for its durability.
•2014:     Strategic cooperation relationship was established with Kohler. 

Branding campaigns

2010: FIRMAN brand show in Indonesia

2011: Successful production of the 10,000,000th FRIMAN gasoline generator

2012: Participated in the most important large power generation equipment exhibition in Africa

2014: Durability of FIRMAN products set an Indonesian Museum record

2014: Established a strategic cooperation relationship with Kohler

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