SUMEC Signed Strategic Cooperation Agreement with Attica Finance

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On June 26th, the signing ceremony of strategic cooperation agreement between SUMEC and Attica Finance was grandly held at Athens City Hall. Chinese Ambassador to Greece Mr. Du Qiwen, Couselloer Mr. Sun Liwei, Athens Mayor George Kaminis, and representatives from Greek government and economic circles attended the ceremony. Mr. Cai Jibo, President of SUMEC and Mr. Alexandros Poularikas, Chairman of Attica Finance signed the agreement on behalf of the two sides, which has become the first official strategic cooperation agreement between enterprises of the two countries since Greek city and state government delegation paid a visit to Beijing this March. 


The cooperation agreement covers the energy-saving renovation of city streetlamps and municipal refuse disposal, with total project investment reaching 1.5 billion Euros. The signing of this agreement has laid a solid foundation for future cooperation between SUMEC and its business partners to further expand market shares in new energy field in Greece. SUMEC will take this opportunity to actively expand its business areas and improve the ability of project contracting so as to improve its import and export.

President Cai Jibo held an appreciation banquet at Westin Hotel later on. Chinese Counsellor to Greece, Minister of Greek Ministry of Economy and Development, SUMEC's key commercial customers and representatives from all walks of life in Greece joined the dinner.

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